Audi refreshes A5 range

Audi refreshes A5 rangeGerman car manufacturer Audi has refreshed the A5 range by enhancing its mechanicals and making some significant cosmetic enhancements to it.

Technical revisions and changes made to engines of the Audi A5 Coupe, Cabriolet, Sportback and S5 allowed the manufacturer to bring their performance variants that promises better fuel economy and slashed CO2 emissions.

CO2 emissions are now as low as 122g per kilometer. The 3.2-litre petrol engine of the range has been swapped for the 3.0-litre supercharged TFSI, which was earlier available only in the Cabriolet and Sportback.

The same 3.0-litre engine replaced the V8 that was previously fitted to the S5. Despite the lower capacity, performance of the car has improved as it now takes 0.2 seconds less to sprint from 0-60mph than what it did with the V8 engine.

The entry level variant, equipped with a 1.8-litre TFSI engine, now generates 10 more horsepower, up to 180PS, but the CO2 emissions has come down by 21 per cent to 134g per kilometer.

Modifications have been made to the suspension, damper rates, and the quattro system to ensure improvement in performance and handling. The cabin of the car has also been refreshed, with refreshed control buttons, new steering wheels, a new automatic gear selector and various new trim materials along with a refreshed upholstery selection.

The refreshed A5 will cost from £25,540, when it will on sale in September this year.