Audi R8 e-tron to sport digital rear-view mirror from R18 Le Mans race car

Audi R8 e-tron to sport digital rear-view mirror from R18 Le Mans race carThe plush automobile company, Audi that recently announced the new R8 e-tron will be adorned with the 7.7 inch reflectors that were seen in the speedy R18. Making this the first ride to be loaded with such a feature. The AMOLDED rear-view mirror as it’s called helps automatically reduce headlights glare during the hours of darkness and also allows the driver to dim or turn off the lights all together if not required.

Since Audi’s R8 e-tron doesn’t have a rear window, just like this year’s Le Mans winning R18 race car, Audi has confirmed that it will come fitted with the same completely digital rear-view system. Originally found in the R18 race car, this system includes an ultra-lightweight camera, a large, 7.7-inch screen, and an advanced control unit that creates super crisp video no matter what time of day or road conditions. The location of the camera used for the rear-view system on the upcoming Audi e-tron will be top center on the rear carbon fiber cover where the rear window would normally be on an Audi R8. The location of the camera has been aerodynamically designed for the lowest drag possible and is also heated and cooled for optimum temperature realization for optimal camera properties irrespective of the prevalent weather conditions.