Audi, Tesla sign deal with AT&T to bring “connected car” concept to their next-gen vehicles

Audi, Tesla sign deal with AT&T to bring “connected car” concept to their next-gen vehiclesIn an announcement made at the 2014 CES at Las Vegas on Tuesday, automakers Audi and Tesla revealed that their next-generation vehicles will boast the "connected car" concept, thanks to their deal with bigwig US wireless carrier AT&T.

The announcement of the deal by Audi and Tesla follows a similar agreement which General Motors' Chevrolet brand has worked out with AT&T, to bring the "connected car" concept aboard its new vehicles.

As a result of AT&T's deal with Audi and Tesla, the Audi 2015 lineup of A3s as well as all Tesla models will soon feature connectivity with AT&T's same high-speed wireless 4G LTE network which is presently being used by smartphones, tablets and computers.

According to the details shared by Audi, the "connected car" features coming to the company's sedans will include displayed navigation, connectivity to more than 7,000 Internet radio stations, and the capability to read aloud news headlines, Facebook posts, Tweets, and other such things.  In addition, passengers will also get the ability to connect to the Wi-Fi of the car, and stream high-definition video on as many as eight devices.

Meanwhile, Tesla has revealed that all its current and future models will use the AT&T network for powering engine diagnostics and web browsing; thereby bringing on countless radio options, navigation, and other advantages that are available online.  All the new "connected car" features on Tesla vehicles will be accessible through their 17-inch touchscreen.