BMW, Audi unveil their latest driverless car technology at CES

BMW, Audi unveil their latest driverless car technology at CESDays ahead of the big Detroit auto show which kicks off next week, some of the leading automakers showcased their exciting car-technology prototypes at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Among the latest car technologies displayed and demonstrated at the CES event was the newest driverless car technology from bigwig automakers BMW and Audi.  The two companies unveiled the technology by carrying out demonstration drives at the show.

The notable addition which BVMW has made to its driverless car tech is the highly active assist technology, which the automaker has brought aboard a modified 2 Series Coupe.  The new technology allows the car to slide into a controlled drift, so that the precision of the car's control systems and its handling of a critical situation can be effectively demonstrated.

Meanwhile, with the technology related to automated-vehicle prototypes having become smaller of late, Audi - taking pride in the decreasing the size of its driverless cars' computer systems - carried out a demonstration of its Sport Quattro Laserlight concept car at CES.

However, with `dependability' also being a substantial challenge for a computer system driving a car, the next-generation Nvidia-powered systems will probably be used for some important automated-driving tasks such as traffic sign recognition, pedestrian spotting, and lane departure warnings.